Builtin Parameter name of a given parameter

Hi! I’m trying to get a parameter value for the number of horizontal divisions of a curtain wall.
Hovewer, the parameter name for horizontal and vertical grid is the same. (The curtain wall in question is used as a panel within another curtain wall.)

From this i conclude that i should be using builtin parameters, but how do i figure out which builtin parameter name i need?

I have tried some out of this list that sound like they might fit, such as SPACING_NUM_DIVISIONS_HORIZ, but i get “null” output.

Is there at least a way to list all available builtin parameters of a given element?


Hi @jensa,

I will recommend you take a look at @jeremytammik 's Revit Lookup tool, if you haven’t already.

It’s a pretty essential tool that enables you to “snoop” objects, and also has a “translater” when it comes to BuiltInParameters.

Link to jeremy’s github.

Link to Boost Your BIM website that contains an MSI installer.


Thank you for the answer! I had it installed but didn’t realize where i could find that information in it.
Attaching a screenshot in case it might be helpful to somebody:

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If you want to get that information within Dynamo too, you can by using the Get BipParameter Name node from archilab Package:


@MartinSpence thanks for pointing out RevitLookup. Please note that the project now includes built-in functionality to create its own installer *.msi.