How can i cut intersection surface

hello, I have 3 surfaces and I want to exclude one surface from the surface at the intersection of the two

is there any way to get these goal like picture?

Try Surface.Difference or Geometry.Intersect, depending if you want to remove the red area or keep it.

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thank you for reply

i want to remove the part that intersects the other one from the result of the two intersections.

Take the intersections of S1/S2 and S1/S3.

Take the intersection of S2/S3 and difference it from those initial intersections.

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Right click the node representing the geometry , switch preview off.
Were talking Dynamo geometry here or what?
Ow, that’s step 2 already :slight_smile:

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Classic Geometry Preview pranking

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Gavin’s workflow

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I only mentioned three as examples, but what if there are more surfaces??

Need an abstract approach probably. Below might work.

Split the surfaces using multiple curves;

Patch the new surfaces, get their inner centroid and clash it against all the original surfaces. Faces with a clash between two surfaces should have two true results in that list.