Combine two list

I would like to combine two lists. These lists have the same numbers of lists. I need to have one list without empty spaces. Each of these lists has a different number of items.

What do you want the combined list to look like? Should the items at each index be concatenated together? Basically, a more thorough explanation would help.

Also there are a ton of posts on lists over in the Lists-Logic category. You might find an existing answer over there since this task is not specific to Civil 3D.

I need that the item from the second group of lists will be inside the first group of lists. Because there are some empty lists inside the first group. I am talking about 44 and 45 empty lists.

Like this?

List.Create, List.Transpose, and List.Flatten (watch your list levels) may do the trick here.

Thank you for your advice. But I want to create the group lists with the same lists order as in previous list.