Combine List with sub List

Hi all,
I have two list, in that one list having two sub list. I want to combine the list and required a list with three sub list as image below. Any ideas?
List 6

Ilayaraja P

you can use List.Join

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Since lists themselves are considered object, it’s the same as saying you want [ L0, L1 ] [ L2 ] ti become [ L0, L1, L2 ]

-List.AddItemToEnd and List.AddItemToFront, with a lacing of level 2, can do it if order is important

-Feed them in another List.Create and then a flatten node on level 2

-However, in your case, list.join seem the best option, as erfajo said.

Just type “list” in the library and try things out, see what works for you.

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Like this?

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Thank you all for your reply. I tried the List.Join but I got the wrong output :disappointed:
Can you look at this?

Hi @pilayaa

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Thank you all for your feedback. List.Join option with use level (@L2) as suggested by @Kulkul works.