How can beam top perfectly align with curvature of roof

i tried to create a ref plane on it but i am not being able to pick a plane

It’s been ages, but I believe that this would require setting the cross section rotation of the beam to align to the surface. This works for ONE rotation, so if your surface has multiple angles along it’s length you’ll need to use another method of creation.

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You can’t make a Ref Plane- because the roof is curved, not planar.

Also, it’s a little unclear what you are trying to accomplish from the picture: is the beam perfectly perpendicular to the curved roof? (which I’m assuming is an arch)

If so, you probably want to project the beam location line to the curved arch and get the normal to the curve, and change the beam’s cross section rotation (as Jacob suggests)
See attached image.

hi @Joe.Charpentier , it worked for a side (one side of centre point)
and on the other side we only have to change (+ or -) value to get correct rotation.

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