How and where can found this tutorial ( drawing neighborhood)

Hi all,
I am super new in dynamo but I like it. I didn’t know it before until I started working on my thesis about BIM so please help me.
I watched the tutorials on the main web but I still can’t draw a part of the neighbourhood like this sketch( sorry for my bad drawing). My idea is drawing the boundaries of the site and put the buildings inside but the main point I need the buildings to rotate so the small side of the buildings faces the sun. is it obvious?dynamo

Look into the Rectangle.ByWidthLength, Polycurve.ByJoinedCurves, Surface.ByPatch, Surface.CoordinateSystemAtParameter, Vector.ByTwoPoints, Vector.AngleAboutAxis, CoordinateSystem.Rotate, and Geometry.Transform nodes.

See what you can do with those as there is a workflow using these nodes to accomplish what you want.