Hosting Definition On Interactive Webpage

I’m hoping I didn’t just imagine this… but I seem to recall a random blog post (or maybe it was a post on here) a while back that mentioned the ability to publish a definition to an interactive web format.

The web interface included whatever sliders/inputs you wanted while displaying the resulting geometries. This allows users not savvy in Dynamo to quickly make changes to get the visualization they wanted.

Perhaps this was for DynamoStudio only? (It certainly wouldn’t function with Revit nodes if there was no revit database present)

If this sounds familiar to anyone else and you have further information that would be great!

Yes that’s it thanks! Brief testing this works great for sharing visualizations of parametric geometries and I’m excited to see where this goes from the current Beta. Hopefully in the near future we can save the settings/parameter states to share specific options. The big downside is Autodesk is using this requires logging into Autodesk360 which forces RST2016 to change your username to your email address. It corrupted my worksharing when that happened…slimey :wink: