Hide Void in project

Hallo zusammen
dear all,

wäre es möglich im Revit-Projekt mit Dynamo auf “Abzugskörper” in der Familie zugreifen und dann ausblenden
google translate:
would it be possible in the Revit project with Dynamo to access “Voids” in the family and then hide them

How would you do it natively? Dynamo is still limited by what Revit can do.

I calculate the center of gravity with dynamo.
The voids in the family cause problems.
I have to manually select and hide the voids.
Ziel is to automate this task with Dynamo.

But how do you determine the object is a Void? I assume you will filter by the parameter value and hide the objects that match your Void condition.

yes, I find the Void-Objects manually
I would like to access ID data (solid/void) in the family with Dynamo and hide the voids in the project.
would it be possible? or do you have another idea?

You’d likely have to know which families already have voids. Otherwise you’re opening every family in your project to check every piece of geometry to know whether it has a void or not, and that’s going to be a problem.

Either way, you’re opening the family, getting the geometries, and checking each one’s parameter to see if it’s a void or not. I’m still not quite understanding whether you’re hiding the entire family in the project or just the void geometry. I’m not sure if the latter is possible so you’d just be hiding the family. If that’s the case, I would think it would be easier to add a parameter to these “void families” and use a filter instead of hiding them in every view.

I place them in a separate workset and close it. it will still cut the openings.

You have correctly identified the problem.
If I hide the family with “Visibility/Graphic Overrides” the voids remain visible

Filtering out the families with voids is very time consuming since we have hundreds of families.

I just want to know one thing:
Would it be possible to access family properties “Identity Data” with Dynamo?