Hide or uncheck specific layers from linked CAD file

Any idea?

I am trying to hide some layers from linked CAD file… see example blow, I wanted to hid A-FURN, I-FIRN, & A_FURN for instance and was unable to find a way to do it. I would appreciate any idea.


You can try the “List.RemoveItemAtIndex” node.

It didn’t work to me! thanks for your reply

Aha, ok. This thread might be of use if you haven’t already seen it.

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Thanks man,

The post has helped a lot.

Here is a workflow to what I’ve been looking to do.

For whoever interested to run it need to do work before hit the run command.

  1. Make sure you list your layers. You can extend the list if you want to.
  2. Select CAD link or import
  3. Select view
  4. Click RUN

Thanks to both @Haaba & @Mark.Ackerley


Perfect :blush:

You’re welcome!