Help with Loop + lists

Hi y’all, I need a little bit of help here. I created a graph that take 2 identical geometrys, and place them at the exact same centroid position. Now i want to, instead of selecting the two elements, feed in a list of all my elements in that category, and loop through it, but i’m facing some problems

First, how to make sure that i’m getting the objects with the same geometry in a huge list, and pair them to move one to another?

Second, I need to take both elements from the same list, and i thought of looping it, matching the [0] with [1]. I know this isn’t the best way of doing it (cause i’d need to create the element and it’s copy in order, one after another), but i was trying this case just to see if i get it to work, but no luck so far. I tried using the LoopWhile but i can’t make it pass a value before finishing the loop through the whole list, even using clockworks Passthrough.

Thanks in advance!

Not sure you’d need to use a loop here, but it’s not quite clear - can you provide the DYN and associated data sets (RVT/DWG/Whatever) to pick up where you’re stuck?

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I don’t have any data set to apply it right now, but i’ll try to explain the situation i’d use it: We always model elements in-place, so, we need to convert it to families before setting some parameters, and when we group it and export in a RFA, we need to change the base level inside the new created family, and when we do so and re-import it inside the project, we need to move it to where the in-place model is, and that’s what i’m trying to achieve.

this is my attempt of loop:

and this my custom node (mover par de elementos ~ move elements pair)


EDIT: I’ve didn’t use the passthrough in this example because it was giving me a warning about a cyclical reference

Any ideas guys?

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