Match index in list

I’m like to create railing on theses families. I’ve used the Element.GetLocation node from the family. Then based on its, width and length found the corner points. From this 4 points I like to create o Polycurve and then a railing from this curve. My graph works fine with one element but when I add another it gets messed up. I see why it happens, I’m just not able to solve it. I think I need to mach the elements in the sublist in a new list somehow?.. like, elements at index 0 creats a new list, elements at index 1 creates a new list and so on.

Picture showsa what happens with to families with four points each.

Hi Reklund,

Try the node List.Transpose after the List.Create node. @l2 should work fine.


Thank you! That did the trick, unfortunally I met another problem. If the object i rotated, this doesn’t work since it’s calulating from a point! :slight_smile:

So I guess I have to try a different solution

Don’t know if I should put this in the same thread but I found another solution which I thought was interesting so I post here in case anyone else could make use of it.

I put a small object 5x5x5 mm in the family, in consecutive order where I wanted to place my points. I then found the coordinates from this object and created the curves from these object. Since the contains information about levels as well it worked out pretty well, and the graph got alot smaller.