Help with List.ReplaceItemAtIndex

I have 2 lists that contain all of the information that I need and I need to combine those lists. The problem is I need them to stay in the index they are currently in. The top list has and empty list at index 5 and 7, the bottom list has empty lists in all index except 5 and 7. When using the List.ReplaceItemAtIndex node it is creating 2 lists where the first one has both lists at index 5 and index 7 is still empty and the second list has an empty index 5 and both lists at index 7. I need index 5 from the bottom list to replace index 5 of the top list and index 7 of the bottom list to replace index 7 of the top list.

Hi @cagnewHE4DX ,

I think you need the Clockwork package List.ReplaceItemAtIndex+, that should work with multiple inputs :slight_smile:

Okay that did fix the issue of it creating multiple lists; however, it is only getting the first item out of the lists. On the new list at index 7 there is only “102 RECEPTION” and it is lacking “103 NURSE, 104 TOILET” etc.

try to change lacing to Long and level 2 on input replacement/indices

![Airflow Spreadsheet_2021-07-26_01-40-06|690x463](upload://
Returns nulls, doesn’t seem to work at all with the lacing on long.

Hi @cagnewHE4DX !
You can use List.SetUnion

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Thank you! Very easy fix

also this weird thing

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Hello, if first list is empty, the second list is taken, if both are not empty, the first list is taken.