[Help] Voronoi with a twist?

I was in the process of recreating this facade image, and thought about using dynamo’s voronoi tessellation.

I faced two issues in this regard, the first is that the offset method I used has a standard thickness, and it doesn’t thicken at the center points, nor it becomes thinner at the middle of the edges…
The Second I face is that for some reason, the fillet method doesn’t apply to all curves, and it chooses which curves to apply to by alternating the “rightSide” boolean input

Maybe someone can help with this issue?

It isn’t meant to :slight_smile:

First fillet with right side set to true. Then fillet the output again with right side set to false

Alternately you can try something like this…

voronoi.dyn (34.9 KB)

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I know, I mean I want to find another method to create the result in the picture…

Ok, this might actually work will give it a go

Ok, this is kinda interesting, I will give try this method as well and try to apply it to the current design

Have you found any way to create something similar to the attached photo though?

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Haven’t tried it myself, but, fiddling with the TSpline node inputs (end rotation) might get you close.