Help in creating a wall

I am having a join geometry issue between the different elements of the linked files. Hence I have decided to create a wall where for eg in the case of 250mm thick wall (total) in normal condition it will have a structure (25mm plaster + 200 mm brick wall + 25 mm plaster).
But to show the columns beneath the wall which is a linked file I need to keep a Vaccum between the two plaster layer which will be transparent. I tried that in Revit is there any way to do it in Dynamo?

Can you post an image of what you are after?

This is the type of hollow wall which I was trying to achieve. I wanted it to be parametric just like the normal wall with nothing in between so that my linked column will be visible in between the wall.

You want to make a wall four walls? Effectively modeling each layer of gypsum board individually?

Multiplying the complexity of your model by four is generally a bad idea. Feels like there is a better solution like duplicating the columns, or adding a void form and cutting the wall by the column’s bounding box.