Having issues deleting Scope Boxes

Hey all,

I am having issues deleting scope boxes from my model using Dynamo. Attached is an image that shows my string as it exists.

I don’!t know why this wont work. When i used a similar string to delete mechanical equipment, it worked just fine. Does Dynamo just not have the capabilities of deleting Scope Boxes this way/at all?


hi @J.Wehmer
Try Delete Node from archi-lab …

Hi @J.Wehmer

That’s because your feeding strings list to delete rather than actual element. Connect Elements list to List.FilterByBoolMask node then your good to go. Cheers!


Thanks all for helping!

@khuzaimah.ElecEng I tried using the archi-lab nodes, but i could not get them to use the data i was inputting to delete my elements. I was probably doing it wrong :frowning:

@Kulkul That was the easiest way to complete my task! I thought i had tried that, but i guess i hadn’t. Now that i think about it, it seems like something i should have noticed. Thanks!

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