Hatch areas issue

Hi guys, i am working on a script that calculates the total impervious and pervious areas. Areas that intersect are also calculated and reduce accordingly. Everything works well if the areas area created with lines boundaries but if they have arcs, things behave totally different. any ideas? thanks.Areas.dyn (77.5 KB)

@csanchez which version of Civil 3D Toolkit are you using?

It is working in my tests

Hi Paolo,
I was running version 1.0.12. i just updated to the new version 1.0.13 and same thing. i added and area with multiple arcs shapes around and gets worse.Capture areas.dwg (486.2 KB) Areas.dyn (83.3 KB)

I don’t know what to tell you… Try explode the boundary and recreate the hatches maybe?

Paolo, i tried in a different computer with the same results. We are running civil 3d 2020.2 update dynamo core, dynamo civil 3d and the the attached packages installed in dynamo.