Hi guys, i am trying to create a script to provide a total impervious and pervious area in a site. We use hatches in cad to calculate the total so i am importing them into dynamo. but for does areas that intersect i need to reduce the total in impervious (usually are landscape islands) but i am trying to use the IntersectAll node and i am not getting anything that i can use to create and area to subtract the total. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks

Drawing1.dwg (483.5 KB) Areas.txt (43.4 KB)

I think you’re close:

  1. Not sure you need the Polycurve.ByJoinedCurves nodes. You should be able to just plug the Hatch.Geometry nodes directly into the Surface.ByPatch nodes.
  2. Plug the Surface.ByPatch nodes into the Geometry.IntersectAll node. That should give you new intersecting surfaces that you can then sum the areas for.

Example script attached. I did it pretty quick, but see if it works for you.

Net Impervious.dyn (53.3 KB)

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Thank you for the help, i got it to work.

Hello Csanchez,

Feel a little embarrassed to be asking this, but would you mind to tell us what packages are you using? I am not able to find that node to select Hatches, my Objects Types node only has these:
Object types

You’ll see in the image above there is a node called DocumentExtensions.AddNewTypes. It is from the Civil 3D Toolkit package. You need to run the graph once with that node somewhere in the canvas and then the dropdown menu will show additional object types.

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It worked, many thanks for giving me a hand, noob issues :sweat_smile: