Hangers at suspension bridges


I am trying to add hangers to a suspension bridge. The horisontal distanse between hangeres are constante. The main cable is made with NurbsCurve.ByPoints. Does anyone have any tips?

Hello, How about something like this ?

Here’s another example. The “~” will provide a relative distance closest to your specified distance that exactly fits the total length. “Point.Project”(when it decides to work as expected) will negate the need for an offset distance:


That’s what i love about Dynamo. You learn something new everyday ! that “~” can be super handy. The point.Project is indeed a mysterious node, it doesnt work for me (0.9.0).

Hi Mustafa,

Try this,

Try this…

What if the main cable also variate i horizontal plane. pts1=Point.ByCoordinates(020000…#3,{1000,3000,1000},{2000,500,2000});


Still works


I like Timon’s idea of working with planes…