Grouping Sub-List Items Together

I have a list than contains N number of items which will contain N number of sub items, how can I group all the first items together in a single list, all of the second items together in a single lists and so on?

You can use the List.GetItemAtIndex Node. You just have to set the input level matching to you sublist levels. Or you could use List.Deconstruct and put one after another. :slight_smile:


Are you looking for the list.transpose node?

I need the solution to be dynamic as the number of items in the list and sub-list will change frequently.


That’s getting closer to what I want but in your example I’d want the end result to be two lists; one with all the items that were originally at the 0 index and another list with all the items originally at index 1.

I see, do you want the lists like this?

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Hi @gil.dalton ,

Your question is a bit confusing when we talk about 0 and 1 as you got levels as well.
Try the following options below as this will guide you to what you want. Keep in mind the levels of your structure. In the example you got L1 to L5. Adjust to suit.

Check out Options 1 to 3


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