Grouping Items by Bounding Box

Hi John, I have been struggling with a problem and I think it is super easy.
I have this list of 545 elements contained into individual bounding boxes. there are 152 bounding boxes and to each one I have assigned a code (quadrant number) how can I rearange the elements in a way I can rename them with the corresponding quadrant number?

Might need a new topic. But, you should be able to group by key.

The key would be the BOUNDING BOXES node and the list would be the elements.

Yeah I tried that but I get this error:

@narella1 continue here

PLease post any relevant files or more info


Make lists the same lengths

I have to change the “Mark” of every door at my project with a code created by the intersection of 2 grid lines (ie: B+21 = B21) the “QUADRANT NUMBERS” are the intersection numbers and they are related to 152 points with which I created 152 Cuboid that turned into Bounding boxes. There are 545 doors contained into Bounding Boxes. I want to give to each door the number of that corresponding Box. I know that I can Set element by name but first I need to rearrange the doors.


Make a parameter for each door with its location That parameter will be the key when you group by key. Then you can set whatever parameters you want for those groups.

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