Group walls by orientation

hello forum
I have these walls element and i wanted to group them according to their orientation (if you see in this case some of them have the same orientation. How can I do this?

Hi @MariaLauraLeonardi …sorry dont misunderstand but try a simple search here and you got the answer :wink:

I tried to use group by function but it doesnt work

I didn’t fin anything useful

Hi Maria,

One possibility but it is also possible with OOTB nodes and List.GroupByKey.


Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner and thanks. is there also something that group the wall of the same line? (so not only parallel, but precisely in the same line: eg. one wall on top of the other, like the 2 in yellow)?

an example to group by similar location line at different levels :

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many many thanks! :slight_smile:

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done! :slight_smile: thanks for the support guys :fist_left:

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