Group List key

Hello, I need to group a list based on three different parameters, I have only been able to use List Group Key but it only works once, one recommendation.

This is really a data management question.

My preferred way in this instance:

What’s nice about this is that you don’t have to worry about recursion or nesting functions to a depth that matches the number of parameters you’re using. The number of parameters can be 1, 2, or 200 and it will work.

However, if you’re going to want to pull one of those parameters out after the fact, it may be faster to utilize a recursive function.

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Look, he’s done it that way, but from the third group it does not work for me anymore.

Try the method I indicated above as it removes the sequential function issue and will produce a readily reviewable sequence of unique values.

Yes, but I also do it separately, I should have something to combine or something like that.

Using List Transpose

Look closer. you’ve missed a string.join after the list.transpose. Don’t skip anything or you’ll get bad results.

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Me va de maravilla, gracias.