Group curves not working

Ok, does anyone know why this node isnt working? I have two obviously separate curves that it is joining into as one. I have used this node to great success many times in the past but now it is failing miserably. I have a huge deadline approaching incredibly soon and this mistake screwing up my entire graph and I cant do my work in time. Does anyone know how it works by any chance? Is there another node or python script out there that does the same thing as the Group Curves node? Please advise! Thanks in advance.

See the independent lines

Right click on the node and hit “Edit Custom Node” and then right click on the Python script inside and hit “Edit”.

I would first try modifying the “ignore_distance” in the Python script

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Thanks @awilliams! is this in feet or inches or meters?

I believe it should be the unit settings you have for your Revit project :slight_smile:

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@awilliams THANK YOU!!!