Group by elements


I tried Group.ByElement node, and it works, except the origin of the group is out a billion miles from the group. (It is actually located at the origin of the project).

I looked at the pyton script (in the node), and it seems pretty straightforward: anything in there I can do to make the group origin fall in the center of the bounding box of the elements? as what happens when you select and use the Revit Create group tool?

Any alternative way to create a group using OOTB nodes (I know, crazy…)?

thank you



Hi @Giovanni_Succi,

Did you try the Group.FromElements node in Clockwork package ?
With this node, the origin of the group will be in the center of the group.

Yes, sorry, “From” element, not “by”, that is the node I am using… There is only one :frowning:

I think the coordinate system needs to be default, or you cannot rotate the view, or having the view linked to a scope box… One of those things. The group created by the node have the origin at the origin of the model… In any case NOT in the center of the bounding box.

Thank you…



hello Giovanni_Succi

which version of clockwork do you use ?

I am using 2.1.2, and even in a blank project (no rotations) the group center is in the origin of the project, not the center of the group’s elements’ bounding box.

thank you

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