Grids - Reset to Crop - Reset to 3D Extents

Hello Dynamo Friends,

I´m movin the cropboxes of many SectionViews to another level. The problem is that, if the grids have been adjusted, the grids don`t follow because they are not linked to the cropbox anymore. So the result looks like this:

So i would like to use the function “Reset to Crop” and “Reset to 3D Extents”


Is it even possible to do this with dynamo/revit API. Couldn´t find anything in APIdocs.

Happy about any advice, thanks!

There is a method to maximize to 3D but about resetting I did not find anything:

or take a look here:

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Thanks, i think i know all threads about grids on the dynamo forum, also this one :smiley: I know that this only works in PlanViews because i already tried that some time ago.

I would be very happy if there would be ANY method to manipulate the grids in SectionViews…but it seems that there isn`t any…