Graph Takes Forever To Run & Slows Revit Down

0BV Descriptions-All.dyn (228.8 KB)

I have attached a node that I use frequently. When it runs it takes a long time to complete. Afterwards, Revit always runs slowly and has to be restarted to regain speed.

Is there anything that can be done to speed the node up and prevent it from slowing Revit down after it has run?


Could you briefly describe what this DYN does? It is quite big and has lots of steps. Have you tried with getting just one category?

Care to share specs of your computer?

How about the model? How large is the model?

I have seen posts here where depending on the task, Dynamo will take a bit of time. Have you tried running it with no one else in the model and maybe let it run over night? Might want to make back up before doing that.

Just some thoughts.

i’d say it’s slowing things down as the RAM (physical or virtual) is being taxed very heavily. Once you populate a cache that large the only sure fire way to clear it is to restart the program (Revit). A zero touch node might help. Or at least condense some of these nodes and reduce the data flow. By the looks of it though (only opened in studio) it’s a specialized task which is run once and can then be closed out once done, so I’d just plan on restarting revit each time.

I’ve had some good luck with CleanMem on laptops with limited RAM. It’s free, and worth a shot.