Grading with pavement layers


I’m searching for a way to link to a grading surface (or to the grading object) some pavement layers.
anyone has some directions? Thanks.

Are you looking to create 3D solids on the same feature line as the grading object? If you are able to provide a little more explanation or perhaps a simple diagram, that would be helpful.

I have some plateforms that are close one to the other, with different pavements structures. the platformes have different levels. i want to calculate fast the pavement materials but also the cut and the fill volumes.
this is a cross section for one of the edge:

OK I understand. Unfortunately we do not have any nodes yet for grading groups or grading objects. So the creation of those would have to be manual. However, you could automate the initial creation of the platform solids and feature lines with Dynamo. After initially creating the feature lines (using the Civil 3D Toolkit package), they would have to be updated manually with any adjustments. Changing the inputs in Dynamo will create feature lines with different names, which will break the grading objects.

Anyway, I hope this gives you a start. For a fully automated solution, it would be possible to skip the feature lines and grading objects altogether and compute the daylighting directly with native Dynamo objects. But that would require a more complicated graph.

CreatePlatformGeometry.dyn (52.0 KB)
Platforms.dwg (600.9 KB)


Thanks for taking the time to look into my subject. i’ll hope that this subject gives a start to the “Grading Nodes”. I’ll test the graph. the ideea was also to get the correct cut/fill volume without pavement structure. i’ll keep you posted. Thanks and until next time take care,