Create grading from feature line

I want to create a grading between a feature line and a surface, something similar to what is shown in the pictures below. The feature line is created in dynamo with the FeatureLine.ByPolyCurve.
I start the grade creation with the “_AeccGradingTools”, could i use this in Dynamo? I have tried to search the Civil 3D .NET API for a method that might help me, but I haven’t found anything.
Can I create a grading with Dynamo?

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Maybe something like this?

Hi @magpies,

I think you are correct, the .NET API doesn’t expose any members for grading objects so I think you might be out of luck. Here’s an older post that was similar:

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Thank you both for your answers.
My temporary solution is to have a arbitrarily placed feature line with a grading group already placed in the file, then use dynamo to change the feature line to the desired location.