Giving Back: CP Swap with Dynamo and Excel (not a question, more of an offering)

First, I want to thank this amazing community. I have learned so much in the last few years and have been helped time and time again by these amazingly generous people. I am beginning to answer more questions.

I recently presented this process to our DARUG_SC meeting (Dynamo and API Revit User Group, SoCal).
I was working with a team who had already started modeling and needed to translate a curtain panel pattern for precast panels from another 3D program into Revit as our documentation software. Selecting each CW and the related pattern excel worksheet (which utilizes conditional formatting).

There are areas that could be more efficient and in hindsight I could look into taking the given revit organization of the curtain panels and fit the excel data, potentially with fewer nodes.

I am posting this as a way to give back to the community, I hope this can be helpful for some, it is also going to be a location to store this for sharing with the DARUG group.

I would suggest starting with a blank CW without mullions and only a glass panel. The mullion spacing works 8’ for vertical, and lowest horiz grid at 8’ and 16’ above. the excel is set for 3 (16’) bays and 1 (8’). There are double height and single height panels in the .rfa

CP_Patterning.xlsx (24.3 KB)
Res_CP.rfa (412 KB)
Swap_CP-PatternByExcel.dyn (82.5 KB)


Hi @Ren_Rainville

Thank you for your kind words and sharing your work with us. Wishing you more success in future.



it is far from computational or geometry manipulation. although, i think it is important to show some of the more, possibly mundane, easily accessible uses for dynamo as a gateway to the more complex tasks. always learning and looking towards the future.

thanks again dynamo community


Thanks for the share!

Don’t sell yourself short. You used data from an external source to generate a form. Yes that data was kind of tailored to geometry in question, but that is often the case once you break it down.

It’s really good to see a share like this. Keep it up!