Getting workset values


as the title suggests, im trying to get the workset values of a category and assign them to another parameter. when i try doing that i get this :

(355 and 0) when the worksets i have are
may i know why?? what am i doing wrong?

thanks in advance

That number represents an ID
Worksets have their own ID

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ok, how to get the values?? like workset1 and 2?

Here they used Levels, but you can use columns too.

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what i typically do if i need to get worksets from elements is to first make a dictionary of the workset ids and either the workset names or the workset objects. since the workset IDs come as ints, you can just do this with index lookup, but the dict packages it nicely.

so when you get the workset id from your element.getparametervalue node, you just look it up against the dict.

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