Getting vertex points of a solid

Is it possible to get de vertex point of a soild3D through dynamo??

Yes. The sample graph for Topology.Vertices shows how.

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Thanks in advance Jacob,

That sample shows how to get from cuboid, my current point is I have some Solid3D on the Model Space what I need to get the point of the vertex. I’ve got those solid on dynamo but I cannot get that information off.

Any geometry is a topology, and as such the Topology.Vertices node will work.

You can feed it a cuboids, a building mass, or a cow. If you are stuck getting the geometry from Civil 3D into Dynamo, try Object.Geometry. If that doesn’t work, post a small portion (not your entire model but a similarly built model - keep the size small and nimble) of the model here or on another web hosting platform (google drive, Dropbox, onedrive, box, etc.) and I will take a look later today.

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