Getting the corner points of the window opening

Hello everyone,

is there a way to get the points @ corner of the window openings?
I am trying to make a triangle between 3 points and the two out of three points are the corner of the window opening.

i’ve searched on google and it required me to use packages that are outdated or can’t find anymore.

thank you in advance!

Hi @mrkpkimEMSRM,

There may be more efficient ways to do this, but using the outline of the host wall seems like a good idea.

Windows.dyn (33.0 KB)


Hello, thank you for your help, this was amazing.
I followed your guidance and tried to make a triangle out of three points

I was aiming for each window to have their own triangle but it seems like there is a problem with how the data is grouped/formed

do you mind teaching me how to solve this?

thank you in advance