Getting Started with Python in Dynamo

I am looking for the best getting started guide on using python in Dynamo. I have already googled and read some of the wiki but it is hard to find good information.

one of my biggest questions is: What development environment allows programming Dynamo python scripts with predictive text input? I have 0.7.5 installed but the code editing in canvas is difficult to follow. Is there an ready easy easy to get a better looking Revit / python environment and build the python scripts there, before copy paste into dynamo node?

Please let me know what the current best way of building these scripts is, thanks!

Hi, Luke

Here are some of sources which helped me to start. (still helping)

There is no way to test Python script which is for Dynamo out of there as far as I know. But it(PythonScript node in Dynamo) will notice which line should be fixed if something is wrong.

And you can test it in Python GUI (IDLE) environment if it contains only general commands and objects of Python.