Getting lists with variable length out of a List

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hopefully someone has a workaround for that cause I am getting fed up with the list management in Dynamo.

I have a 1D List which contains nodes I want to use for the creation of separate lines. The input of the 1D list depends on the parameters of the inner nodes. Within the script I can vary the amount of inner node sequences, the start point of a node sequence, the distance between the node sequences and the length of each node sequence (see the images below).

I tried to split the list into several sublists that follow up my needs. But no luck, I can’t get the job done. I used the List methods List.Slice and List.Sublist.

So is there another method I am missing? Or does someone have a workaroud for that?

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I think it sounds like you are wanting to chop your lists by multiple variables.

If the above is the case, you can port a list of item lengths into “Clockwork’s” custom node “List.ChopByLengths”