Dynamo list chopping

Heys guys,
i need some help with chopping a list in dynamo. Im already on this issue for some days and also couldnt find any solution. I wanna chop a list(dxf) containing lots of lines, chop.list doesnt help me cause the length varies(some lines have 29 items, some have less). Everytime the item LINE appears i want to create a new list, so i get a list for each line.

guess the solution is super easy and im just searching in the wrong places.
thanks for ur help!

Can you show more graph please or maybe where you getting your list? A bit more info would help!

i just got it from a file path. didnt really do sth to that list in that point. As u can see it starts again with “LINE” at index 30, but its not always the same length.

Ok, this won’t work well for anything else, but if all you want to get are the line elements, use a list.indexof node with a “line” input and split the list at those indices.

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this might work…

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Maybe this helps, from a similar topic

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Thanks alot. worked!