Getting linked revit files Z value and levels to create views on host file


Im looking for a way to create sets of plan views by different values of both the host and linked files.

the idea is like this:
1, Get levels from any linked files, then get all the Z values of the linked files instances.
2. Create a level for each instance by their Z Value and name it same as linked file instance.
3. Create a set of Plan views for each linked instance starting with 1 floor plan by each new level created by the prior action (creating levels) and than copying each of these levels by the number of levels of the linked file with cutting plane set by the height of the different linked file’s levels.
(if possible also to have the crop region set with offset to the boundings of each instance).

hope its clear and not too complicated to achive as im no expert:)

After a simple search on the forum you’ll find that part of this question has been answered already…

There are quite a few nodes out there that get linked documents, then you can get the elements by category (in your case, the “Level” category). Once these have been retirieved you can get the “Elevation” parameter and “Name” parameter and then create new Levels in the current Revit document based on these parameter values.

Beware to make sure the Level names are unique or you will not be able to create them, Revit rules still apply when using Dynamo.

The scope box is a different Kettle of fish, I can’t help presently as I am not near a computer, however, hypothetically you would need to get the scope boxes bounding box and min/max coordinates, then apply these to a “create scope box” node (I do not know if one exists already, maybe someone knows if there is, but if it is supported in the API then it shouldn’t be hard for anyone with API programming knowledge to knock one up quickly, I would suggest posting the scope box question as a separate thread after doing some research first to make sure there aren’t similar threads here already).


I would suggest the built in ‘copy monitor’ tool for at least steps 1&2
(I don’t quite understand step 3)

This also has the benefit is that if the levels change in the linked file, then the change is (optionally) transferred to the host