Getting Itens from irregular lists keeping list structure

I have a list that comes from an eletrical pannel, they are connectors points that I gonna use to draw detail lines for detailing views. The problem is the list can have different amount of points, and I trnslate those points to draw polycurves, and I cant lost the Panel reference in the list because it points to the correct view.

I managed to create the points, but when I have two connector in the same panel after transpose they are organize in a form that I cant put back togheter. I am sending a piture of it.

I need, for example, to join 1st, 2st, 3st each position in a different list without losing the structure. I ve tried getitematinde, take items, take everynitem, with and without list.combine. It is not supose to be that hard, right? kkk Can someone help me?

Can you explain your current list structure and what you’re trying to do with it? A diagram would likely be helpful.

This is the List

I need to modify it to this structure

To be able to create curve from the points;

there is a diferrent Diagram her for clarification

That helped a lot. Do you have the points for the panels and the equipment as well? What do those lists look like?

I am collecting the pannel, then I use a node to get the nested families. The equipments, which are nesteds, has eletrcial connectors, so I use MEPover to get its points. I am gonna need to draw detail lines in it. My goal here is generate the deatailing view of each pannel for my team. I have alaready create cross section views for each pannel and populate the equipments in a other scrip. So in this one I want to detail the the view only.

Thank you for your time ^^[

Here is the .dyn

Detalhes Quadros Teste 3.dyn (210.2 KB)

Where are you drawing the detail lines though? I thought you were drawing them from panel to equipment to connection? That would require the points for the panels and the equipment.

I think I am confusing the names, I am using detail lines in a cross section view. What i am calling equipments are actually fuses and eletrical devices for protection, like surge protection. And we use detail lines to represent the wire connection inside the pannel.

Right. But in order to draw a line you need 2 points. It seems like you only have the end points to me.

Based on the list structure of your connections and the panels and equipment you have, I guessed what your other lists look like. Using the Transpose node at list level @L3 seems to get you the right structure for drawing your lines.

I am tryng to draw someting like that. Huum, actually, in some of the connectors I draw two lines. In the end I draw polycurves by 3 points then explode it to draw the details.

I am gonna test transpose in a different level, it might be the solution