Getting Element Name from elements in list returns unexpected results

I’m having a problem with getting the Element Name of objects from a list. When inserting a list into the Element.Name node elements return null, while the same elements return a value when I’m inserting one single element at a time in the Element.Name node (see image). What am I doing wrong here?


Hi there,

You should tell us, how you get that list.

Maybe, you are mixing elements (Doors) with strings(Family type).

I’m aware of the fact that I’m mixing elements with strings. However, my problem is that I only want to return the Element Name when it is an element, but want to keep the list in order. Index 4 in my list is an element and it retuns a Element Name when I insert only that item to the Element Node. When I insert the complete list I’m getting a null value for that same item. Shouldn’t the Element Name node still be aware that I’m inserting an element at that index?

I don’t know if you can do it because I don’t know how you get that list, but maybe you could get the element name from the elements before you mix elements with strings.

The other elements are most probably Categories, not Strings