Getting Ceiling Curves from a Room Boundary to place points

Hi everyone im new to dynamo revit.

I have been trying to look around the forum but decide to fire into the forum space. It may sounds simple but i need help for the following below.

I need to get curves that are along my room boundary which i managed to. How can i move up the points in a Z direction because i will be creating points to place families on these points at my desired offset(say around 3meters up). Greatly appreciate your little help

Screenshot 2020-10-01 160051|690x300

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Two ways:

Note: this will move your lines in dynamo, it won’t move your room in Revit.

Thank you so much for the reply. Yes! Managed to solve my queries to create the new points. However may i ask how can i generate new curves and remove the old points below

? (See revit screenshot)

Dynamo has created new lines. If you don’t want to see the old lines right click on the node and untick, “preview”.

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When i turned off the preview, doesnt seem like anything was changed though. Could you explain this? Pardon my low dynamo understanding :sweat_smile:

You want to hide the original points so click that node and turn off preview, not the new node.

1 - original points
2 - new points

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