Getting and Setting Property Set Values of Pressure Pipe Network, Gravity Pipe Networks


I am currently working on a project in Civil 3D. I have two problems in hand and both of them are of simila kind.

  1. I have a property data available in “Content Catalogue Editor” and I want to fill up the properties of elements in Civil 3D. How can I set the parameter with Dyanamo as I have a lot of these things to fill.

  2. I have a list of property data for pipe networks, How do I set the property data of Pipe networks using Dynamo?

It would be really helpful if someone can help me out.

Thank you

What exactly is your end goal? Are you trying to put the model number value into a property value within a property set?

Assuming the property set definitions are already created, then you can add them to the pipes/structures using the Object.AddPropertySet node (assuming they aren’t already added). Then use the Object.UpdateProperty node to update the values.

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For the first query, the end goal is to fill up property set data as per the catalogue data. The content catalogue has “Model Name” (highlighted in yellow). I want to use those values and fill up the property set.
Object.UpdateProperty takes property values as input. How can I access the data from content catalogue in Dynamo?

Thank you

(I want to fill up this parameter)

(With any of these data. But how do I get access to this data in dynamo?)

You can get access to many of those properties using the nodes for pressure pipe networks in the Civil 3D Toolkit package, but probably not all of them. If you need any additional part data values, you’d either have to ask Paolo to add more nodes to the package or try to work something out yourself with Python. I know that pressure pipe networks got a lot more exposure in the API with Civil 3D 2021 and then even more so in 2022, but I haven’t had time to investigate much myself. So all I can recommend is to read the documentation.

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Thank you so much for the advice. I will try to find something.


Hi @sqamarFX6KM,

Any advance ???

Im currently trying to acces all pressure part data content in a file of the content catalog editor. I need to acces to Material, pressure class, nominal diameter etc.

Have you found any solution?