Create a list in Dynamo of the extended properties or Extended data of gravity pipe network structures

Hello community, my query is if there is any way to create a list in Dynamo of the data entered in my extended properties of the structures of my Gravity Pipe Network.

The nodes I find in Civil3Dtoolkids are for exporting to CSV or JSON, but I’m not very clear on those examples.

I usually start with Object.PropertySetByName, then either PropertySet.PropertyByName or PropertySet.Properties followed by Property.Value.


It worked, thank you very much, now I may have to ask this in a separate topic, but I only need the extended properties of the Initial Structures. I have the list of the starting structures with the Pipe.StartStructure node, the question is how do I return it to a list of objects to read their properties.

I was able to solve it with, DocumentExtensions.ObjectHandle and DocumentExtensions.ObjectByHandle

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