Getting all rebar geometry in dynamo

I have a script to automate rebar tags but the problem is that the rebar that is placed with a fixed layout rule, only return one instance of it in DYNAMO. In the image attached rebar number 09 only appears because there was one instance of the rebar even though four of them exist. I want to be able to get all four in DYNAMO to help me accomplish my work.

I would like to have all rebar number in dynamo and manipulate their positions and using their geometry. Help form the community will be much appreciated.

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Do you need the rebar number of all rebars in a set? Or the physical position? Unfortunately it’s not clear to me what you are trying to accomplish.

I need the physical position of each bar in the set.

Have you seen this: Location of rebar ?

Thank you but It seems the rebar class properties Quantity, NumberOfBarPositions, LayoutRule seem not to be working it gives me an error.

What do the error messages say?

for each of the properties, this error pops up; File “”, line 28, in
AttributeError: ‘List[object]’ object has no attribute ‘Quantity’.

That is because the script in the link is made for a single rebar set. To make it work for a list of rebar sets, you can…

A) use a loop in the python script or…

B) make a custom node from the python node.

I have made a custom node as you suggested but the output is a null. Any direction to correct it.

Hi @Ofosu_Agyemang
Try right click on the custom node and change lacing to longest.

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Finally it works… Thank you to @Einar_Raknes and @Kulkul. that was awesome.

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Please mark the post as solved. You’re welcome!

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