Getting all element IDs sent to clipboard from dynamo script

Hello, I am trying to out put the element IDs to my clipboad from my dynamo output so that I can easily select all the elements in revit via the “Select by element ID” feature. to do this I need to have a single string of all the element IDs separated by a “;” for each one. I thought I knew how to do this but its not working, please advise.

use String.Join


Good solution. However I’ve had issues with the newline created this way for this exact issue in the past. Use a string for the code block containing the ; instead to avoid those issues.

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I was wondering why it was doing that.

Thanks Jacob,


Actual reason is because the ; is a special character marking the end of a line in design script. The new line is hard coded and avoiding it in a script is difficult as the esc character only works if you catch it the first time (I usually don’t).

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