Get Z coordinate for startpoint and endpoint of a structual column

Hello everyone,

This might be every easy for an advanced user, but i havent been able to solve this myself

I got the XYZ points of each column as shown below

Now the trick is, i want to split the list into two list, one with start points, and one with endpoints, as of now all i’ve been able to is get the shown list, with sub-list that shows both start and end-point

The idear is to report the Z-coordinate to the family for a schedule.

You can either grab the list.getitematindex with the right list level or you can transpose the list.

I don’t know exactly what are the start and end points are in this case but assuming they are “paired” in the list shown I’m thinking a simple List.Transpose node should do the trick. If, after that, you want to make them two loose lists instead of one list containing the start point lists and end point list simply add a List.FirstItem and List.LastItem to that one.

Thank you very much,

useing List.Transpose fixed it