Split coordinates

Hi, I manage to split my geometry into pieces, and so, I need to pass the data to excel. Do you know, or have any idea on how to split the coordinates in order to pass the data to Excel in different cells? Every index has a star and ending point and I only want the data in excel to give the Z coordinate.
For example: What I have:
[0] StarPoint (X=…;Y=…;Z=1000) EndPoint (X=…;Y=…;Z=1500)

I need to split the coordinates, so in Excel the data can be manipulates.

What I’m trying:
[0] Z=1000
[1] Z=1500


like this

Yes @Fiesta, something like that. I only have a small problem, in each index there are 2 points, a start and end point. When I try to do that, it wont work

I manage to solve it using “curve end points” and getting the lenght, wich was the purpose of getting the Z axis :wink: