Get Type Parameter value , set as Instance Parameter value

This should be so simple, and yet i’m struggling. I want to get a value from a Type PArameter, and then set that same value as an Instance Parameter in the same instance.


I gather from other posts that i can’t just extract 07-06-2015 07-27-51a type parametere from elements, but what do i do then?


answer is here:

Thank you very much for your help, Julien.

I’m not sure if i’m approaching this the right way, but i managed to get this far:

09-06-2015 00-13-00








So now i’m stuck with a list of types, and a list of instances…-how to give the list of types the correct indices and lengths, so that the type parameter will end the right place?


I have a node for this in Bakery, if you want to adapt to your own use go ahead:


wow, Mr, Johnson, that’s…nifty! Thanks a lot, I’ll be using that a lot in my new job. We have to use a type/object classification system, and it still has some bugs, such as having a type parameter as an instance parameter.

I oversold my skills at the job interview, so now i have to impress :slight_smile: Thanks agin for the help.