Get the Revision Cloud's Revision Information







This is probably really easy, but I’m stuck. I’m trying to retrieve the information about the revision clouds from Revit. Can I get a little help. When I try to retrieve the Revision information from the Revision cloud, I get the element ID, but I want the text. Any thoughts?

I think Luke johnsons package bakery has a brute force get parameter option. Give that a shot.

Which Dynamo version are you using? This is what I get using Dynamo 0.8 on top of revit 2016 (also, why is your GetParameterValueByName node’s lacing set to cross product?):


John, Thanks, that worked.

Andreas, there must be something in 2016 that changed, because in 2015, that doesn’t show up…

(the cross product was a mistake, thanks for catching it)