Get sublist from a list

Hi, how could I get list A?

@Christhian What’s your end goal?
There are multiple ways to get it

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ItemAtIndex node with index of 0, or use a code block with the following:


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Of course, if I use the x [0] I am calling the list 0 List, but I would like to call the list not by the list number but by the font, how could I call the list 0 using the letter A

Use the IndexOf node, search for A or B or whatever, then use that index on to get the list.

Dynamo is a numeric indexed list program, you will not be able to directly get values by Alpha characters.

I think it does not work as it should?

There is a way although I don’t quite understand why you want to use “A” instead of 0.

Do you need this?

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@jw.vanasselt Perfect that is the result that I was hoping to obtain

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