Get spaces by level

I am aware of the equivalent command for rooms, but what would be the quickest way to do that for MEP spaces?

Hello Andrea,

You could do it this way:

@T_Pover thanks for your reply. I am trying to sub-select spaces based on the level they are associated with.
The solution provided by @john_pierson at this link seems to be the right one, however I cannot get it to work

Don’t know if I completely understand the question, but if the solution is working for rooms wouldn’t that mean that all you have to do is just replace the category? Ending up with this:

@T_Pover I have no idea why, but your suggested graph works fine when the code block has “x!=y” instead of “x==y”. I am confused now!

Well it’s the result that counts right :slight_smile:
Can you show what’s going on in your graph?

The reason you’re getting a negated result is because you’re using the ‘out’ port of the FilerByBoolMask node. What this node does is pass everything that’s true to the ‘in’ port and everything that’s false to the ‘out’ port.
In other words: if you change it back to ‘x==y’ and then connect the watch node with ‘in’ port, you’ll get the same result.

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of course! I am an idiot