Get Sheet Instances from Titleblock


I have an issue getting the actual number of sheets(in a list) from the instances of titleblocks in the project. I have used the Get Sheet Elements From View node, but it returns a null list. Any ideas why?


you can try something like this.

the problem with your graph is that, you are feeding elements into View input, Titleblock is not a View!

You can get node TitleBlockFromSheet in Dynablaster package.

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Thank you for the quick reply!

I managed to solve the problem by skipping the Get Sheet Elements From View node and replacing it with the TitleBlockFromSheet. Then I used the sheet list directly (this is what I was trying to get in the first place) .

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My pic. was just an example how to filter sheets with for instance A2 titleblock. :wink:

I understand, but it helped me get to the solution! That’s what matters! :smiley: